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Syrup & Salt

So this is a teaser I put together for my book I am publishing called ‘Syrup & Salt’. If you once followed my retired food blog then the name should be familiar to you!

The book is how I eat, how I got off antibiotics for SIBO and what life is like eating and being creative with no grains, gluten, sugar, a very primal lifestyle, modified. It is how I personally eat and it might be help to others. To also show we can enjoy food without colons. Don’t feel limited to just chicken, ice cream and crackers. We can eat some veggies and fruits, we just have to be creative if breakdown and digestion is an issue. Everything is simple recipes that pack flavor. Trust me. I have 2 businesses and am very busy in general. I can’t spend hours in a kitchen. This is a real book for real people.



I believe the more you spend your life miserable on the couch the more your brain will not shut off. Listen… I have severe pain. I lose muscle function sometimes in my legs and feeling lately. I get it. What I can’t do is be idle. Interact with people, laugh, be social. LIVE.YOUR.LIFE.  Because if you stop being active in some way, then you will begin to break down and be a recluse and think of every little pain and discomfort.

I write this as I am on Norco and feeling like crap. I have a twisted bowel or partial blockage and feels like a baseball is in my left ribcage. The shit fucking hurts and I want a HUGE ASS steak right now. Instead I am sucking down ginger tea and itching to death from thee dreaded”narcotic itch”. No back scratcher in the world can help me now!


So I launched 26febrand.com and have shirts up for sale. They look awesome. Working on some retro gym/travel bags next and long sleeve hoodie/shirts. Hopefully this winter I will have more fashion items, etc. I also put up a quick splash page for my advertising agency twosticksofbutter.com and sent off business card designs for the print shop.


Be creative

So I am publishing a book. Did I mention this before? Well don’t stop me if I have!  I believe I am sticking to the name Syrup & Salt since that is the name of my food blog. I don’t want to just call it EATING WITH A POUCH or some other stupid title. This book is how I eat, primal/paleo-ish but also how I have played with food and ingredients to digest better and be easier on my guts. Lessen the SIBO symptoms and over all just have a happy GI system in me. So I am putting recipes together and shooting a few nice photos. I am not posting those though 😉 Maybe a teaser shot before it goes on Amazon and Itunes, For now I am just using recipes and iphone. But these are not recipes in the book. I will be making new ones or an evolution of one I have posted before.

Just because you can’t eat sugar and gluten, to get rid of SIBO, it doesn’t mean we can’t eat yummy stuff. I made a quick 2 minute dessert tonight and even my husband liked it. He usually hates anything gluten free. Coconut milk whip cream (oooo look at that whip! Has some volume) over sliced bananas and strawberries, drizzled with coconut syrup and pieces of bacon.


So I hope everyone will purchase it. Going to have it at the 9.99 price for download. Because I lost my heath insurance and need an Iron infusion desperately! Sucks… Joys of being a contractor.


UGHHH…. medical crap I am over talking about you. Nothing new, doing good in some areas (like my pouch) but having muscle issues most likely due to Anemia. I am not on any medication and about over taking anything again. So lets get on the important stuff! FOOD! I decided since I am doing primal pretty good and have my SIBO under control I am going to write a book. I think it will help educate people how we eat without colons, because I hear some real fucking dumb questions. I can talk about my disease and the type of pouch I have and spread awareness to people with traditional ostomies that might want to get rid of their bag.

So for now I am saving recipes for the book (hopefully have out on Amazon in 6 months), some of these are not perfect and need to be refined but I wanted to share a few photos of some yummy stuff I have had lately. This is for people that bitch about being gluten free. Sorry…your argument is irrelevant that there is nothing to eat, time consuming, etc. Just boils down to lazy or not giving enough effort in taking care of your guts by eating processed crap. Yes we all like to eat gluten ridden things on occasion, but there is a difference between eating total junk and eating something organic or locally made instead of coming out of a wrapper or box. I went to Philly and ate at Federal and had some bomb ass fried chicken and a doughnut there. Not the norm but once in awhile you are going to enjoy the little things.

Both of these took me about 4 minutes to prepare and 15 to bake/cook.
I tend to digest Buffalo meat just fine but cow/red meat I have issues with. So if you can digest it then go for it. Otherwise try out some Buffalo.

Ground steak over chipotle seasoned french fries, pesto and goat cheese with string fried sweet potatoes.


So when it comes to gluten free desserts, I have tried it all. Coconut flour seems to bulk up to much and feel like I form a blockage. Almond flour is just not that great tasting to be honest and it doesn’t move through my tube easily when I drain my pouch. So I figure since I can eat the fuck out of pistachios then I would toss them in my food processor and make a cake! It was so good and did just fine. I will fine tune it a bit but it only has 4 ingredients.  pistachio flour, duck eggs, coconut oil, very VERY small amount of baking soda. Garnished with sliced strawberries and coconut milk. It was so moist! Very rare thing I have come across when eating nut flours.


Bison burger, cucumber tomato salad with goat tzatziki


Back to THE CLEVE!

Some people get to buy new shoes, clothes, maybe get new tires for their car (that I desperately need), with money they make. I on the other hand am spending money to go to Cleveland Clinic and then Mayo I think it will also be. Hotels, travel, food, etc. Fuck. I want to go to the beach for a weekend or get my car detailed. I make ok money a the agency I am currently contracting at but I still don’t have any way of saving any of it. Just goes right back out to bills and trying to fix all my issues I inherited with this damn disease.

So I have my first pain management session on the 8th and hopefully get some relief. I am trying to hold onto this pouch as much as I can physically and emotionally hold out. I said 2 years post op and if things aren’t better than perhaps get a temp ileo to see if I like it and if I do make it an end ileo. I never wanted a bag. I never wanted any of this. If I knew this was the shit I was getting into, literally, I would have never had surgery. I would have stuck with the cancer and gone because this is NOT living. I am so sick and tired of that fucking argument. You can not possibly understand my daily life and how bad it is. Just because you see me with lipstick on or eating at a nice restaurant. Well want to know what that food feels like as I sit at a dinner table with you? It moves through my stomach and then sits, without a real stomach I then wait for this food to move. I break a sweat at that point, then once it moves, or shall I say dumps through into my pouch I get heart palpitations then and gas and stool rips through my gut and bowel and even moves my spinal chord around. I feel like an alien is fighting it’s way out. Once my pouch is full my bladder can’t take the pressure so I have to get up to piss a few times. When food moves through my intestine around my valve it makes my bladder freak out and my urethra starts to burn.  I wish I was never hungry because I would live on liquids. I am STARVING all the damn time since food goes through me in 2-8 minutes usually. I was jealous when a girl who just got a kpouch recently said her transit time is 6 hours! Hell… I wish I got 6 hours. 

Having my ultrasound done on the 8th as well to see if I can get my tubes yanked out. Might have my blood work done to make sure I don’t need another iron infusion. I feel like I need one. So exhausted and burned out. I need a vacation.

Other than that I am just truckin’ along. Turning 37 in a about 5-6 weeks and hey.. I predicted I would live until 40 🙂

Feature Guest Blogger: Tips on applying for SSDI as a younger adult.

Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits as a Younger Adult

Having a disabling condition or illness can impact every aspect of a person’s life. There are more obvious complications—like pain, medication, and doctor’s appointments—and then there are other, less expected obstacles. Among these:  Financial instability.

When a person is diagnosed with a serious illness, they may not immediately think about medical expenses or even how their condition will affect their ability to work. They may soon find that their health has left them unable to pay their bills and unable to earn a living. In times like these, it becomes necessary to seek financial assistance.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recognizes that certain conditions make it impossible to work and offers assistance in the form of Social Security Disability benefits. Although people commonly assume that disability benefits are for older individuals, a person can become disabled, and therefore unable to work, at any point during their lifetime.

The following blog post contains helpful information specifically for individuals in their 20’s and 30’s who are in need of disability benefits and aren’t sure where to begin the process.

Disability Programs and Age

There are very few age restrictions that govern the Social Security Disability program. That being said, age does in fact play a large role in determining whether an individual qualifies for disability benefits. To understand why an applicant’s age is significant, you must first understand the two different Social Security Disability programs.

It is important to note that to qualify for any type of disability benefits you must first meet the SSA’s definition of disability. Essentially this means that you must be able to prove that your condition makes it impossible for you to do any type of work and that your condition will last at least a year.  In addition to meeting these criteria, each disability program has its own set of technical guidelines.

The first program, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is funded by the Social Security taxes that most workers pay. Eligibility for this program is determined by a person’s work history. To qualify, you must have earned a certain number of what the SSA refers to as work credits. If you are in your 20’s or 30’s, it is possible that you have not been in the work force long enough to qualify for SSDI benefits. Learn more about work credits here: http://www.disability-benefits-help.org/glossary/work-credits.

If you have not earned enough work credits to qualify for SSDI benefits, you may find that the second program—Supplemental Security Income (SSI)—is a better fit for your needs. SSI is a needs-based program. This means that your eligibility is based on low income rather than work history. Learn more about the specific SSI requirements here: http://www.disability-benefits-help.org/glossary/supplemental-security-income-ssi.

Age and Retraining

When the SSA evaluates your application for disability benefits, they will use the information you provide to determine whether or not you are able to work.  They will also decide whether or not you are able to learn how to do a different job—more specifically, a job that your condition does not interfere with. Typically, the SSA considers younger individuals more able to adapt to a new type of work than older individuals.

How to Improve Your Chances of Being Awarded Benefits

If you want to increase your chances of being awarded Social Security Disability benefits at a younger age, there are a few steps you can take.

  • Know the differences between the programs and be prepared to apply for the program or programs best suited to your needs.
  • Be sure to provide adequate medical documentation of your condition and symptoms.
  • Work with a medical professional. A medical professional who is familiar with your condition will be able to provide a written statement to support your application. These statements are given quite a bit of weight when the SSA evaluates your application.
  • Consider working with a disability attorney. A disability attorney will be very familiar with the application process and will be able to help you gather all the information you will need in order to be approved.

Applying for Disability Benefits

Once you have decided to begin the application process, you can do so on the SSA’s website or in person at your local Social Security office. You will be required to fill out several forms including the Adult Disability Checklist, the Adult Disability Application and the Adult Disability Report. You will also be required to sign an Authorization to Disclose Medical Information form. This gives the SSA the authorization to gather medical evidence to help support your disability claim.

While it can be more difficult for an individual in their 20’s or 30’s to qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, it is not by any means impossible.  Taking the time to research the process and collect medical evidence will only increase your chances of approval. Remember that although applying for disability benefits may seem overwhelming, once you are approved, the experience will ultimately be worth it.

For further information visit Social Security Disability Help or contact Molly Clarke at mac@ssd-help.org.

Chalked Iron

So I have posted here before about the tshirts that I designed while I blogged during my F.A.P. / rectal cancer diagnoses and surgery hell and how it turned into this awesome brand called chalked iron. Well turns out my business partner (Damon Gochneaur) was the shaddy douche bag I expected for awhile. Had to lock him out of twitter to investigate weird messages and free shirts popping up on the threads. Then came across where he claimed it was a Texas company (when it is not, it is a Delaware company) and gift certificates on sites. Shit I never even knew about. Since he did all the merchandise shipping he was basically ripping me off.

After he got butt hurt he was locked out of twitter for a whole fucking day while investigation was going on he decided to change all password to the business’ webhost and start funding all transactions into a bogus gmail account (thechalkediron@gmail.com) and refusing to discuss any of it because I called him a dick. Maybe because he is. I knew he was shaddy when I worked with him at GR and I guess this is a life lesson, a life lesson that is going to cost a pretty penny for an attorney to sue his ass. I own 50% of this business and am the primary owner on the LLC and according to the state so I guess it is in my favor. You can’t embezzle funds from a company, it is a felony offense and fraud. So please, don’t order from chalked iron. If you want a shirt I am printing my designs on my new brand hopefully once my kickstarter account goes live. buying a shirt goes into this asshole’s pocket and I see none of the funds. Sad since I paid extra to print the latest tank tops. Buying shirts don’t go towards the taxes he is supposed to pay but hasn’t so my credit is fucked, buying shirts supports a fraud, buyins shirts doesn’t help pay my cleveland clinic visits, health insurance and my copays, buying shirts is a kick to my gut basically since I own them all and see none of the money. But please feel free to remember his name. If you want to guarantee a shirt will get shipped to you, visit my blog first week of June for the link to my new kick ass brand that isn’t all about kettlebells. My brand is a neat brand that reaches everyone.

Ditch the bag

So a friend of a friend is ditching the bag and getting a BCIR. Good for her! Hope she has a wonderful outcome.

Since my last rant I must clarify the surgeon, Dr Rhenke is brilliant and talented and can’t imagine other surgeons operating on me BUT the program itself and the bitch Susan Kay that is not helping their cause, is the problem. Some admin issues as well but just had to clarify that. 😉