I believe the more you spend your life miserable on the couch the more your brain will not shut off. Listen… I have severe pain. I lose muscle function sometimes in my legs and feeling lately. I get it. What I can’t do is be idle. Interact with people, laugh, be social. LIVE.YOUR.LIFE.  Because if you stop being active in some way, then you will begin to break down and be a recluse and think of every little pain and discomfort.

I write this as I am on Norco and feeling like crap. I have a twisted bowel or partial blockage and feels like a baseball is in my left ribcage. The shit fucking hurts and I want a HUGE ASS steak right now. Instead I am sucking down ginger tea and itching to death from thee dreaded”narcotic itch”. No back scratcher in the world can help me now!


So I launched and have shirts up for sale. They look awesome. Working on some retro gym/travel bags next and long sleeve hoodie/shirts. Hopefully this winter I will have more fashion items, etc. I also put up a quick splash page for my advertising agency and sent off business card designs for the print shop.



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