Be creative

So I am publishing a book. Did I mention this before? Well don’t stop me if I have!  I believe I am sticking to the name Syrup & Salt since that is the name of my food blog. I don’t want to just call it EATING WITH A POUCH or some other stupid title. This book is how I eat, primal/paleo-ish but also how I have played with food and ingredients to digest better and be easier on my guts. Lessen the SIBO symptoms and over all just have a happy GI system in me. So I am putting recipes together and shooting a few nice photos. I am not posting those though 😉 Maybe a teaser shot before it goes on Amazon and Itunes, For now I am just using recipes and iphone. But these are not recipes in the book. I will be making new ones or an evolution of one I have posted before.

Just because you can’t eat sugar and gluten, to get rid of SIBO, it doesn’t mean we can’t eat yummy stuff. I made a quick 2 minute dessert tonight and even my husband liked it. He usually hates anything gluten free. Coconut milk whip cream (oooo look at that whip! Has some volume) over sliced bananas and strawberries, drizzled with coconut syrup and pieces of bacon.


So I hope everyone will purchase it. Going to have it at the 9.99 price for download. Because I lost my heath insurance and need an Iron infusion desperately! Sucks… Joys of being a contractor.


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