UGHHH…. medical crap I am over talking about you. Nothing new, doing good in some areas (like my pouch) but having muscle issues most likely due to Anemia. I am not on any medication and about over taking anything again. So lets get on the important stuff! FOOD! I decided since I am doing primal pretty good and have my SIBO under control I am going to write a book. I think it will help educate people how we eat without colons, because I hear some real fucking dumb questions. I can talk about my disease and the type of pouch I have and spread awareness to people with traditional ostomies that might want to get rid of their bag.

So for now I am saving recipes for the book (hopefully have out on Amazon in 6 months), some of these are not perfect and need to be refined but I wanted to share a few photos of some yummy stuff I have had lately. This is for people that bitch about being gluten free. Sorry…your argument is irrelevant that there is nothing to eat, time consuming, etc. Just boils down to lazy or not giving enough effort in taking care of your guts by eating processed crap. Yes we all like to eat gluten ridden things on occasion, but there is a difference between eating total junk and eating something organic or locally made instead of coming out of a wrapper or box. I went to Philly and ate at Federal and had some bomb ass fried chicken and a doughnut there. Not the norm but once in awhile you are going to enjoy the little things.

Both of these took me about 4 minutes to prepare and 15 to bake/cook.
I tend to digest Buffalo meat just fine but cow/red meat I have issues with. So if you can digest it then go for it. Otherwise try out some Buffalo.

Ground steak over chipotle seasoned french fries, pesto and goat cheese with string fried sweet potatoes.


So when it comes to gluten free desserts, I have tried it all. Coconut flour seems to bulk up to much and feel like I form a blockage. Almond flour is just not that great tasting to be honest and it doesn’t move through my tube easily when I drain my pouch. So I figure since I can eat the fuck out of pistachios then I would toss them in my food processor and make a cake! It was so good and did just fine. I will fine tune it a bit but it only has 4 ingredients.  pistachio flour, duck eggs, coconut oil, very VERY small amount of baking soda. Garnished with sliced strawberries and coconut milk. It was so moist! Very rare thing I have come across when eating nut flours.


Bison burger, cucumber tomato salad with goat tzatziki



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