Chalked Iron

So I have posted here before about the tshirts that I designed while I blogged during my F.A.P. / rectal cancer diagnoses and surgery hell and how it turned into this awesome brand called chalked iron. Well turns out my business partner (Damon Gochneaur) was the shaddy douche bag I expected for awhile. Had to lock him out of twitter to investigate weird messages and free shirts popping up on the threads. Then came across where he claimed it was a Texas company (when it is not, it is a Delaware company) and gift certificates on sites. Shit I never even knew about. Since he did all the merchandise shipping he was basically ripping me off.

After he got butt hurt he was locked out of twitter for a whole fucking day while investigation was going on he decided to change all password to the business’ webhost and start funding all transactions into a bogus gmail account ( and refusing to discuss any of it because I called him a dick. Maybe because he is. I knew he was shaddy when I worked with him at GR and I guess this is a life lesson, a life lesson that is going to cost a pretty penny for an attorney to sue his ass. I own 50% of this business and am the primary owner on the LLC and according to the state so I guess it is in my favor. You can’t embezzle funds from a company, it is a felony offense and fraud. So please, don’t order from chalked iron. If you want a shirt I am printing my designs on my new brand hopefully once my kickstarter account goes live. buying a shirt goes into this asshole’s pocket and I see none of the funds. Sad since I paid extra to print the latest tank tops. Buying shirts don’t go towards the taxes he is supposed to pay but hasn’t so my credit is fucked, buying shirts supports a fraud, buyins shirts doesn’t help pay my cleveland clinic visits, health insurance and my copays, buying shirts is a kick to my gut basically since I own them all and see none of the money. But please feel free to remember his name. If you want to guarantee a shirt will get shipped to you, visit my blog first week of June for the link to my new kick ass brand that isn’t all about kettlebells. My brand is a neat brand that reaches everyone.


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