You give me fever

I have been feverish all day and feel like the aches are all over my body. Go from hot to cold chills. The huge mass in my butt cheek has turned into a throbbing big huge ball. I am tying to get into Hopkins because there is ONLY ONE DAMN colorectal surgeon as Georgetown and he is booked until May. My GI at Georgetown I also want to fire. I never called a doctor so much to not get any help. And he is the chief of the damn department and well known, even Shen says how excellent he is. I feel the health care in the VA/DC area is horrible. I am appalled by the crap I have dealt with here.

I am jobless, funny how the minute the guy I worked for at USA Today said I looked unhappy. After I briefly explained I haven’t been feeling good, I have a serious disease he decided to cut my contract. I mean, it is ok because it was a sweat shop where you are just a drone pushing pixels and he is Just another tool in the tool box he is. I am interviewing for a job tomorrow morning and Friday afternoon. One I really hope I get so I want to get this fever and lump under control. I have to work for now, my business funds itself but not enough to live off of. I hate having that fear of being homeless. Dire straights for sure right now and living here is not cheap.


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