Things I have heard or all I really knew ARE WRONG!

With my hell of a god damn year. And constant roation of Cipro, Omnicef and the latest Suprax. How would anyone with no colon and on antbiotics get C.Diff. Yes that is what I was told. Then another GI I had said if I never had C.diff with a colon then it would be highly unlikely I would have it now. ERRR WRONG! All bullshit. Those 3 antibiotics cause Cdiff to grow basically. I mentioned this to Bo Shen at Cleveland Clinic (#4 GI in the world I think he ranks) and he laughed, said he sees it a lot , people with no colons having it and sometimes just the valve itself having cdiff.  So I start oral liquid Vanco once I get a compound pharmacy to make it, CVS is figuring that out for me. And hopefully this hell I have had forEVER gets under control.


I never had pouchitis but yet I have been swallowing antibiotics for it. If scopes continue to say you are fine then demand shit to get done the right way. 


2 thoughts on “C.diff

  1. While your on the subject of antibiotics … I’ve heard from people that antibiotics help them. I had a local doctor that recommended me to try probiotics (the opposite). Curious if you know what Dr. Shen has to say about using probiotics?

    Glad you went to see him. There’s definitely a difference between seeing a GI that knows little about our issues and a doc that sees it all of the time.

  2. There are no studies that show support of probiotics for cdiff. Cdiff is serious and only 3 different meds can put it into remission, get under control. There is Florastar you can take after antibiotics but again there are no studies that show it does anything but help grow healthy bacteria.

    It really depends on what they are taking antibiotics for.

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