Wrap that kale around your head and jump off a cucumber

People that bitch about eating greens or any veggie in general. I want to walk up to them and smack them in the face and say “DO YOU KNOW WHAT I WOULD GIVE TO EAT THAT SHIT!” People take things for granted and then bitch they don’t like eating something. One day you might not be able to eat the things you once loved. Maybe then you will get it. Or not. Depends on how selfish and clueless you are.

I ate a salad and some devil substance called couscous and quinoa. You would think this being the third time eating quinoa and the fact the last 2 times almost killed me. no I am not bullshitting. I thought my guts were backing up into my heart, I wold have learned my lesson. Nope I keep thinking by some fucking miracle my pouch will start to digest things better like it has with proteins and some other items.

I started to have a lot of pain and extreme contraction like spasms and would ease up when gas passed. So my surgeon though I might have a small partial bowel obstruction and mentioned drinking fluids. Day 4 of fluids and being in an absolute nightmare I headed to North Virginias BEST Voted hospital. Inova Fairfax. now if this was my beloved Baylor in Dallas or Cleveland Clinic in OH I would have had no bullshit thrown at me. First they asked me some questions about symptoms and then drew some bood for testing and hooked me up to an IV to get fluids, zofran and here is the kicker DELAUDID! Yes give me the hardest drug out there, who gives a fuck how I drive my car home. So since my blood work looked fabulous they saw no need for imaging and discharged me with “abdominal pain and stomach virus.” Never mind that I have a knot in my left side and burp up water or juice when I drink something. It feels like I have razor blades going through my whole digestive tract and someone keeps blowing everything up like a inflatable boat. And that I have 2 hernias, one a hiatal that can cause an obstruction. I am just floored how bad health care is so far that I have experienced.

this one med student was asking all about my disease and then the stupid came out in her and she stared asking “Well how do you cope with all of this?” I just looked at her with the ‘are you fucking kidding me, bitch’ face and said “I live my life every day. Somethings you are born with you just don’t get to fucking keep and you move on.

When did med students become shrinks?? So uncalled for. I should have just said, sob for about 3 hours a day, feel like pulling my hair out in fits. Stress about every scope I get and what new cancer might I have today and why do my guts hate me so. Or how am I going to work tomorrow being this sick.  yea come live my life little girl. You wouldn’t know what to do with my mess. Hell I barely do. But don’t ask someone how they cope. We cope by lving. We fight every fucking day and not to hear some little girl ask about getting along because we might as well just be dying. But we are dying every day we are alive. Sick or not sick. Every day you live is one foot closer to being in the ground.

So I see this GI Friday and if he doesn’t fucking help me I am going back to Cleveland Clinic. Fuck this bullshit.


4 thoughts on “Wrap that kale around your head and jump off a cucumber

      • cool! I just made the switch myself. He’s got me on B/O suppositories. They really help settle my stomach down. Sounds weird? Without them I sit here at work and my stomach rumbles all afternoon. With them, I don’t have to go to the bathroom from early morning until mid afternoon. So they’ve helped a lot in that area.

        My jpouch is over 30+ yrs old. Over time (I’m speaking for myself), the pouch handles food better. Some things never digest (lettuce, sunflower seeds, etc).

        I have Gardner’s Syndrome too. I don’t have it as harsh as others but I have my problems. Good luck to you…I’ll stay in touch.

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