FU 2012

Good bye 2012. I hate you. You were the worst year of my life. I will never forget but I will never miss you. 2013 has to be better, just has to be.

I left Dallas in November to move to the DC metro area. my extreme pouch pain that felt like 100 knives were in me has stopped, had some minor pain but nothing like I experienced in Dallas. I guess my internist was right when she told me Dallas made me sick so just move. And so here I am, in the mid-atlantic. I am working a contract and dealing with my guts. Life on antibiotics is pretty much it. I have come to terms with what Shen said at Cleveland Clinic. I will be on them for life. I can go off them for a few days and then I pop some to reboot my guts. It is extremely unrealistic to think I will eat so strict, no nuts, stratch, etc. my whole life. When my life can end at any day. So I eat healthy as much as possible but when you face death you are going to eat a piece of damn cake once in awhile. Life is way to short. Since I can no longer lose weight it seems to fucking pointless. Makes me wonder if my thyroid is off since in reality I should not be gaining jack shit without a colon. Then if my thyroid is off I will have to go get a scan and make sure no cancer is lurking.

I also want to thank fucking Gardner’s Syndrome for the new cyst/desmoid? that has grown in my right ass cheek/crack. I know it is so clean there now that there is no rectum and it really doesn’t matter how long your underwear rides up your ass crack anymore but this golf ball that has formed is really annoying. Should I cut it out? I want to but I know nobody will since it is just GS and GS will grow something else in it’s place. But to me this is an invasion and I don’t fucking like that so I want it gone:-)

Ok so on to weird allergy shit. Since I don’t have Texas allergies anymore I now notice if I eat bread or cheese (not sure what does what since I have it in a combo like pizza usually) my whole right nostril gets stuffed up. Maybe I should splurge this year and get the ALCAT testing done. I don’t have celiac but maybe I will get tested for the like 4th time. Maybe by a dermatologist this time since I think mine is skin related if there is a gluten intolerance.  Not like I should eat gluten, but again, unless you go through what I go through daily you can’t judge what I eat unless you get it. I can’t digest a lot of crap so I eat what I can to get by and 2 slices of pizza a month isn’t going to make or break you. A pie a week, then maybe.

Fish always does well for me. After I move into my new apartment, whenever  I get one. I am hitting up the DC fish market more often. It is an amazing experience! If there is ever a reason not to live in Texas, it is because there is no damn fish and gulf coast fish is just nasty.

So anyway. I haven’t blogged in awhile so I am alive with a messed up meniscus that might be getting better. Just not much to say lately, happier even though I still think I live with a torture device in me 😉


Cleveland Clinic Video Installation: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=4747429363657&set=vb.1232758019&type=3&theater


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