Chalked Iron

So with all the tshirt designs I started when I got sick and sold on cheapo wordpress. It is now a LLC and the site is live. I launched that company in a month with over 700 twiter followers and some cool fitness models sporting our Chalked Iron Tees. Went into a partnership since I knew I couldn’t tackle this alone and wanted to share the fun with a a like minded individual. Check it out over

A lot of my recipes I posted on my food blog I am editing that are paleo and posting. Lately paleo isn’t all the time since I still just can’t eat veggies so have to adapt even with food options.

Hopefully when I make money and grow a successful business we can donate more to the Colon Cancer Alliance since it holds a special spot in my heart.

I really want to focus on is individual donations. It is frustrating to just hand over a Charity  money when it is us that really need the help. If I didn’t have donations when I was sick and not working I would have been basically fucked and homeless or close to it. I can relate to the struggle and I feel for the person that can’t pay their chemo bill that month or doesn’t have the 150k to have surgery for cancer if they do not have insurance. Just paying a light bill every month can be stressful. I hope 2013 brings wealth in either a contract I work or the business I run so I can pass money on to those that helped me when they to were broke and also to just help someone else that has this nasty disease. Throwing money at a charity isn’t always the best thing in the world and you might want to donate. Drop clothes off to a homeless man you pass on the street that might be cold or just need new things. Give someone at cancer clinic a 100 dollars. You have no idea how hard it is until you go through it. Think big, act big and good things happen to you in the end.


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