Hello Fall

So I am leaving Texas. I had my last scope to check where the tumor was removed and so far so good. I had one mini polyp grow in the duodenum and that was removed, no more polyps anywhere else. The 40mm and 10mm one has not returned after being scooped and blasted out. Waiting for pathology to return with the results if the severe dysplasia is cleared up. So I am off to the DC metro area to just get healthy since I am so sick in Dallas. I look forward  to the weather, even 77 degrees is to hard to handle. No colon and heat do not mix. It is brutally hot in Texas and I am from Florida, so that is saying a lot!

I planned on being in NYC for the Foreign Beggars show but now I don’t know what is up since Sandy has destroyed my beautiful city. I can’t imagine it is still on and if I want to deal with a trip there at the moment.  I was going to take a contract there for 4 months since I have a vacant condo to stay in but again, not sure if it is ideal with the crap going on. 

I transferred my care to Cleveland Clinic since I can just get scopes there every 6 months for now and hopefully I will get down to once a year. I had 11 scopes this year and I look forward to it slowing down. 

that is a short update for now since there isn’t much going on. Living expenses are still a struggle but hopefully this move will land me a good job and the business I am launching (Chalked Iron) will thrive over the year. I have been wanting to get my shirt designs off the ground.


One thought on “Hello Fall

  1. I’m glad you are getting out of Texas. Hopefully in a week or two Sandy problems will be under control and you can go back to NYC. It is horrible what many people are enduring. Not that I wish ill on anyone, just glad you were not there.

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