The Machines!

Machines at the gym. I don’t get these machines. I once used them before I learned about crossfit and free weights. So I thought maybe I would do some machine work at the gym to see if that would help build more muscle and not have any strain, etc. BOY WAS I WRONG! The hip/thigh machine I swore my guts were going to explode out of my stomach and some other rowing/weight one was a killer. So I went back to deadlifting, squats, rowing machine and bench press. It is always weird to do kegals without a rectum but you have to, a strong spinchter is the key to a good deadlift and hell just about anything you do at the gym. Kegals are a sore area for me since if you have IC you aren’t supposed to do kegals BUT for pelvic floor dysfunction you are supposed to. It is a gamble and therapy I did pre-op put me in a 4 month IC flare that I almost pissed myself every time I went down stairs. It was awful! But I am giving it a go since I lift, it is what I do and I am not going to stop. I have the BCIR over the jpouch for this reason, I didn’t want to risk shit running out of my ass when Oly lifting. Ok so that was just one reason 🙂

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Machines are not natural and I think my body who has had so many abdominal surgeries will agree. I think most people that have had a lot of sugery and feel week or are battling cancer or hell just don’t use free weights gets intimidated so the machine feels safer. If you learn proper form, who cares if you think people are looking at you like an ass when starting out. I saw a guy at my gym (can no longer afford crossfit so I go to 24Hr Fitness) bending completley over with a 45 pound bar doing “deadlifts” without any bending of the knee. He was no spring chicken either so I feel for his back. What also pisses me off about these gyms is that “trainers” are on the floor and walk around and see shit like this and don’t say anything. Yes this isn’t CF world but for fuck’s sake this is a guy in a gym you work at and he could do some serious damage to himself. Correct his form and move on to your client. Just because he doesn’t pay you doesn’t mean you can’t be a good citizen. Now I will correct it and try even though I am not a trainer but the point is it’s their jobs to keep people safe in the gym, even if they don’t pay some heafty training fee. Takes 2 seconds to correct and perhaps when doing so you just gained a new client.
/end rant
So at the gym yesterday my fat ass rowed 1k for a warm up then went to deadlift some weight. My last deadlift was 175 my PR pre-op has only gone to 225, my goal is 400. So I put on what I thought was 180 but turned out to be 185 and I got that off the ground 3 times. Score! And that low 140 lb deadlift weight I was stuck at forever post-op, I banged out a few reps ant it was light as a feather. I was really excited when I got the 175 off the ground a week ago, I guess because the 140 felt doom and gloom and I was ready to give up lifting, especially when I was told I have hernias. This time I was bummed, that feeling I always had before when I couldn’t make a new PR or do the best at a WOD at Crossfit. I guess I need to put more effort in and lose some of this fat I put on, Love my BCIR diet! LOL sarcasm I don’t eat much but yet I am chunky. “but your stomach is flat, that is what matter”, but my hips and ass are huge!

I was pretty decent at bench pressing. Think I was at 99 lbs before I went in for surgery. Few sets/reps at 95/99. Anyway, I tried to bench press 95. I am always hesitant at bench pressing with no spotter but that weight isn’t much, or at least IT USUALLY ISN’T! I couldn’t even budge that damn bar off the rack. Talk about the walk of shame, mine is always to drop the weight down. So I put 65 and tried again. I got to bench maybe one set of 5 at 65lbs and it was torture so I had to stop. It hurt my abs big time and just the whole muscle down the middle. So I hit the ground to do more push ups. Going to push press more and pull up more and try to bench again in a few weeks. Going to do that one nice and slow because it did not feel good but I was that way with kettlebells and I can swing the fuck out of those again.

Lift Heavy. Fear Nothing.



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