Oxy-Q for Polyp Prevention

So I tried taking Turmeric curcumin since that is the magic gold that helps keep polyps away AND is good for joint pain and a ton of other health benefits. But basically keeps inflammation down in the body and especially the GI tract. Oxy-Q is the main mixture of that quentin (sp), bromelain and something else. The bottle for a month is 50 dollars and that is a lot but I guess compared to the 38 dollar Tummeric and then buying the other 2 supplements on top of it the price makes sense. If you bulk order it goes down to 40 something.

Well the thing is the Turmeric capsules I bought were hard as a rock and the capsule has no issue digesting but the turmeric did not. I was pulling out rocks of the stuff that clogged my catheter for a month after taking just 4 days of the stuff. So I emailed the Makers of Oxy-Q to see if I can get samples since I can’t afford the supplements alone let alone have family buy be a bottle only to be a waste. I got a call last Friday from a nice lady there who explained they didn’t have anything in stock to sell anyway since they have new clinical trials going on now and then when over the new stuff would be for sale. So she had sample bottles but had to tell me they are just recently expired but people still safely take them. What they hell do I can about that, I have expired Norco. pfft.  I got the bottle in the mail yesterday and checked out the pills today. One way to tell if a pill will work and digest is to swirl it around in apple cider vinegar, that mimics what the stomach does to a pill. If in 15 minutes it starts to dissolve or fall apart you are good to go. I don’t have any but sometimes I just use apple juice. I didn’t bother though since when playing with the capsule I could tell the inside was soft and good to go. Took one and so far no weird chunks coming out. So I will take it for the month and see what my next upper scope says in 2 months. If I am polyp free or not. I know my doctors won’t put me on Celebrex or Sulindac since the studies aren’t there or the science to prove it helps reduce duodenum polyps, the suckers I now get but I am going to at least try this. I rather do more homeopathic anyway than more drugs. I have a whole bathroom full of meds. Its exhausting.


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