Biliary 101

So here is a photo. A quick beautiful masterpiece of a creation I made for you. So you get a better understanding of where this crazy, hard to reach polyp was. We all know my colon is long gone so no need to show the whole GI tract here. We will focus on the Duodenum. I drew and wrote in blue. I showed the part of my stomach that was removed years ago, again since people just “don’t get it”. The reason I can’t have a Whipple surgery. Even though with how closely monitored I am they never see me needing one.


It is a very hard to reach area so I had to go to a Bile duct GI specialist. Since removing the polyp I had the old fashion way was not getting rid of the severe dysplasia completely and when that sits you get cancer. So… Hamilton’s plan was to ablate the polyp. You use the worlds LARGEST needle basically that goes down your throat ,with your every day Endoscopy and inject saline under the polyp to puff it up then burn it off. Creating an outie. Well when they went to do that my polyp said “FUCK YOU MAN” and sunk in. So I had an innie instead of an outie. So plan b was to just scoop it out bit by bit. I was under longer than expected and he believes in the end I should be fine and doesn’t believe any cancer cells should be in there. I am his first patient to be tattooed in the inside like I am on the outside 🙂 I go back in 2 months to make sure the margins are clear I suppose. No other polyps were found. I hope the polyp growth takes a breather. They think maybe my disease was mad the main source of their home, the colon, is gone and once everything settles down they won’t be so aggressive. I am ok with the typical sessil polyps. It was these nasty tumors I grew  I wasn’t happy with.

Every time I have an upper scope I have horrible IC flares. Due to gas I believe. It is the worst hell to go through for a couple of days until my insides calm down. My gut is a balloon. I rather do a pouch scope ANY DAY OF THE WEEK! I think I am on scope #7 with this one for the year. I hope to get down to 2 scopes a year eventually. I am such a scope repeat offender I don’t even show ID anymore. Everyone knows me, either when I am awake or asleep.

I felt pretty sick for a change this time. Just feverish/chills and body aches all over the place. Sometimes I wish I could just go to a regular massage chair and not have to shell out money for an Oncologist masseuse. Maybe they too should get chairs in Whole Foods and or Sprouts!


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