Sickness and weirdness

So I was in Florida for a week since the ticket was already paid for. I missed the GOP convention (insert sarcasm here). Remember! Girlfriends don’t let girlfriends vote for Romney!

I am so glad Isaac flirted with us. Made an excellent day at the beach. Image



I miss living by the ocean. So back in Dallas aka the Culinary Wasteland. I have noticed things, things I told myself to pay close attention to while I was away. Not only did I want to see if less stressed=less issues but I wanted to observe the actual physical changes, if I had any. Since I always say I feel extra sick in Dallas. I am not sure if this is for all of Texas since I have only traveled to Austin and Houston with a colon.

I moved into a new place, a cheaper one since we would have been evicted if we stayed in the previous apartment. This loft has a lot of mold and dust. I have also developed an allergy to something here in Dallas. My eyes are on fire, I can’t breathe. I never had an allergy a day in my life prior to living here. In Florida I didn’t have to cover my stoma, not once! I just didn’t produce any water/mucus. Back in Dallas I have to change a paper towel all the time and it leaks out like a water faucet. It looks just like water even though it is mucus. I have to think this is an allergy thing. Nothing else makes sense. When I go to Cleveland Clinic on the 25th I will see how I am then. This only confirms I can’t live here. I have pain all over my body once again and just feel deathly ill. My pouch has issues in Florida, mainly I stopped really digesting anything and I was constipated a lot. So nothing is perfect but the pain wasn’t that bad there. Here I am in agony. I once again have no idea how to afford to leave but I can’t stay if it is actual torture.  My leg cramping is worse, my muscles all over are killing me. It actually physically hurts to live here. I don’t know what it is nor do I really care. All I know is I will go mad if I continue to endure it. My IC was very bad in Florida though. Maybe I will give Philly a good thought.

I am having my ablation to remove the remainder of this tumor/polyp in the big D then hopefully I can get a plan going. To broke to pay bills for the past 2 months so Monday our power goes. Maybe that will help motivate me! lol


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