Memories of the past

You start to forget things as time goes by. Sometimes when I am on the toilet I try to remember things I hated about having a colon, even though I miss mine every day. I try to think of stuff that I won’t miss and benefits to having a Front Dumper AKA the BCIR

Things I don’t miss about having a colon

1. Whipping your ass and having cheap toilet paper tear getting shit all over your finger. COME ON IT HAS HAPPENED TO ALL!!!

2. Taking a dump in a public restroom only to realize there is no soap in the bathroom to wash your hands.

3. Constipation

4. Being bloated

5. More IC Flares

Some good things about a Front Dumper

1. Shitting in a cup in my car if I have to.

2. Shitting in a bush if I have to, standing up. Be J E A L O U S, boys. No penis envy here! HA HA

3. Being able to hold my poo unlike with a colon.

4. Not having shit backed up in your body all the time. Once I drain my Front Dumper I am empty.

5. Never having to use one of these

Things that suck about continent ileo pouches

1. Gas that moves around and can keep you up at night. I am starting to learn to sleep through it, sort of like my bladder pain.

2. Gas since you can’t fart with no asshole.

3. Loud guts that you can hear over a movie, especially if there is an infection.

4. My small intestine moves around way too much now, usually related to gas and bacteria overgrowth I keep getting.

5. Missing the taking a LARGE dump, the wonderful feeling that shaves 5 lbs off your body.

6. Pain. That I hope will one day pass.

7. Sadness, depression and constant morning. I have a daily pitty party.


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