BCIR Poop – YouTube

This is about the way your poop should look with a continent ileostomy. If it is any more liquid or clear I know I have an infection. If I take an antibiotic it is usually very thick, sometimes looks like fluffy poop! I never use a bowl either BUT I can if I have to, like in a car, or back alley ;-p I go right in the toilet like everyone else but for this video I used some tupper.


2 thoughts on “BCIR Poop – YouTube

    • I honestly do not know. Many with continent ileos stink worse than people with colons. I have been a witness to this in the BCIR wing where I had surgery, smelled like egg bombs went off. I am not sure if people with UC have more smell. Not too sure about that at all actually. Me on the other hand it is rare I have any smell unless I have pouchitis/bacteria overgrowth. I am on so many antibiotics I am sure that plays a card in the game. If I eat salads it smells horrible but I rarely eat salads. I don’t know what it is about them. Smells like fuel or something weird. Usually what I poop smells like what I ate going in. If I eat Vietnamese with fish sauce I smell like fish sauce, etc. Pizza has no real smell. I hold my stool for about 10-12 hours depending so it’s sitting in me for a good amount of time.

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