Cheap Stoma Covers

I save my fancy/expensive Ampatch for when I am going out or swimming. For the most part I just cut up a bag of Kotex. 4 bucks a bag lasts a month usually and the tape is about 20 bucks a box. Example and finished result tada!




Also thanks to the Palms of Pasedena I only use BSN stretch tape. SOOOO easy on the skin. Comes in different sizes. I get a longer one usually and cut it up in random sizes to fit. If you cut all the tape and pads at once life is easier to maintain a continent ileostomy stoma. I hope I will eventually not need any of this but for now I always have clear liquid come out, not mucus so much, just looks like water.

I honestly don’t know much about pads. I got my period at 10 years old and after a few disasters and embarrassment, my awesome mom taught me how to use tampons. It was the best thing ever I learned about, besides having Novasure done. I haven’t had a period in 7 years so it is a new territory shopping for pads. Kotex is ok for the price but not sure it holds up in the keeping you dry feeling 🙂 I swear when I am in the sanitary pad isle people walk by thinking, “Damn she has tattoos, looks pissed off and buying pads. Bitch must be PMSing!” I want to shout out , “I HAVE A BCIR FUCKERS!” LOLOLOL All in my head I tell ya.

I don’t even remember what PMS is like 🙂


One thought on “Cheap Stoma Covers

  1. I’ve tried sanitary pads but don’t like using tape and didn’t like feeling the wet pad against my skin. I have found Lansinoh Disposable Nusing Pads to be the best in absorbency and the 2 strips of adhesive on the back allows you to adhere them to the inside of your underwear. They’ve been the best for me. You can buy them at Walmart or Kmart. They were around $5.00 for 36count. If I get a little redness at my stoma, I use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste which has a high content of zinc oxide…great stuff. BTW, I had my BCIR at Palms of Pasedena on April 20th. I enjoy reading your Blog. Just thought I would share my tips since I got a lot of tips from you. Hope you get well soon. Laurie

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