What do you need? Pass this link around please

People ask what I need or how they can help. Now this isn’t for people who are in the same boat or are living pretty poor themselves, I don’t want someone who is living paycheck to paycheck to dish out 25 dollars. It just doesn’t sit well with me. But for people who can spare cash, this is the list of crap. I list this since if I go down for another surgery who knows how fucked we will be financially. I’ve pretty much rock bottom. Sold what I could and out of things to sell.

Things that are late as of right now
Car payment $494.00 a month (I wish I could give it back without the bank trashing my credit but not possible, looked into all options. Since I have 0% interest there is nothing more that can be done.)
Expired tags and fees – $300.00
Power Bill $150.00
Car accident (idiot driver) deductible to get fixed $250.00

Other Expenses
Rent $875.00
Groceries $100 a week for 2
Health Insurance $200.00
Medical bills that I can’t count anymore and are sitting in collections along with student loans

So if you are great at fundraising or have too much cash to know what to do with it. Those are things sick people need. Or you can hire me to do work remotely since I am a bad ass designer who can’t find work and when I do some medical shit comes up like pre-cancer, cancer, FAP and other bullshit. I may not have it as bad as other people but I keep trying. My husband does what he can but it’s not enough for 2 people. If I have to go to Mayo Clinic for this new issue that is another financial burden. I can’t get assistance since I don’t have the luxury of disability from a job. I usually never ask but now I do. Some people just like to help. I got that with my first surgery and appreciated it a lot.

I can gladly give account info if anyone wanted to pay direct and not donate.I get that, it is like giving money to someone saying their car broke down and you’d rather pay a tow truck. Otherwise there is paypal and my fundraiser page

And last but not least. A 2 week vacation here is a big desire. I dislike living where I am at, but stay for my doctors and because I can’t afford to move. And a small escape would be where I always wanted to go, Portland.


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