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So I am going to be seeing a GI Specialist by the name of Hamilton here at Baylor area. I still have severe dysplasia so I have to see what my options are to remove this section of my Duadenum. I don’t get why the fuck when we have our colons removed and ostomies, ileostomies, pouches, whatever the fuck you get, it’s not taken care of then. 90% of FAPers have polyps and or tumors that form in the Duodenum. The more you cut into us the more we can grow Desmoids and the more our life is going down the tubes if that happens. If you can prevent further cancer and surgery I think this should be mentioned you should take more shit out while under the knife. Since I had a vertical gasterectomy the whipple is not an option for me so with that being said I think colonoscopies should be given before you ever have any type of WLS. If someone saw a carpet of polyps I bet that shit would have been called off with a quickness. The whipple surgery in itself is the MOST serious surgery anyone can have so for me it would be 100x more.

This guy does fancier shit I guess like scooping and cutting and etc etc etc. All I know is I have to work so this shit needs to be taken care of asap with little down time. I am already in fucking poverty. If I have to go to Mayo where they specialize in this shit I have no clue how to even arrange it. I guess I will see if they offer any assistance but doubt it. Being sick in this country and poor is pretty much a death sentence unless you are located in the right part of the world. Time to fly to Fiji and retire as a damn cabana girl!


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  1. Social workers are part of the interdisciplinary health care team at Mayo Clinic. They help you and your family cope with illness, work through issues surrounding health and treatment, and connect you with the appropriate resources.

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