So some studies show probiotics don’t work if no colon is present. I am torn. Other people seem to have more issues taking VSL. I had some then tried Align and got off antibiotics since I am having a 7 month love affair with them but I had a wicked infection brewing, I can always tell because it smells like a sewer is coming out of me. Cipro cleared that up in a few hours so starting to think probiotics just don’t do enough to buy into them when antibiotics help. I also don’t have pouchitis so I don’t get what the fuck is up. My small intestine needs to start doing it’s damn fucking job.

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2 thoughts on “probiotics

  1. I hope you are over your bout with pouchitis. I know what you are going through. I was diagnosed with “very mild” ulcerative colitis (“UC”) in October of 2010, and it progressed to “really severe” by April 2011. In August I ended up in emergency surgery to have my colon removed and in October I had my reversal. I have had pouchitis pretty much ever since. I keep asking my doctor if there is anything (other than Flagyl and Cipro) that I can take. He says no. I have asked about probiotics and he said that he doesn’t have any proof it works. He said they actually made one of his patients worse. He did say however, that probiotics are more likely to help people who have their pouch as a result of something other than ulcerative colitis. He said that whatever causes UC issues is likely the same thing that causes pouchitis issues in patients who have UC. I.e. probiotics are less likely to help people with pouchitis who also had UC.
    That said I’m trying probiotics, but I haven’t noticed any change. I am sick of antibiotics! Flagyl makes me feel terrible. My doctor says that the small intestine wasn’t made to handle the kind of bacteria its inundated with in pouch form which may be a reason that pouchitis happens. We have essentially given the small intestine a new job to do, and like you I am ready for it to get with the program and kick this pouchitis thing to the curb!!
    I am sorry I didn’t have anything helpful to say. I just wanted you to know that you aren’t alone. I just started a website ( and will be posting my ulcerative colitis story this week. I know you don’t have UC but at some point I will start addressing my pouchitis issues and maybe it will help you cope 🙂
    Best of luck!

    • I don’t have UC so it is very rare we get pouchitis. i test negative for it so they claim I have bacteria overgrowth since there is no real test for that. I take Omnicef it’: the only antibiotic that really works for me. I have no pouch issues on it usually. I am going to see Dr Bo Shen in October since he is the only GI that is on cutting edge medicine for pouches and pouchitis , etc. I don’t believe probiotics work at all if no colon is present. vSL is a joke and makes me worse.

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