Veggies and Fruits with a BCIR

So many people complain about gas or fruits and veggies not digesting in their pouch or perhaps they are just too scared to eat healthy. I get it, pasta, cake, ice cream and bread digests SOOOOO easy. Well I feel so sick and my sugar cravings are through the roof since I took my colon out I had to try to change shit around.

So fruits are a pain, especially pineapple and watermelon. So what is the solution? Infuse that shit like a BOSS! Someone on FB posted their infused h20 for natural vitamin water, who needs artificial junk anyway? So I was inspired since I had a raw vegan kitchen going on preop. I am determined to bring a lot of that back post op. I have found out drinking fruit and water combinations like this helps with hydration and also helps me eliminate drinking that nasty grape juice we are told to drink to stay runny!

Here a a few examples.

Basil & Strawberry infused water.

Pineapple & Mint infused water Image
I always mash some of the fruit up so more flavor travels in the water.

Some other things to get some healthy things into your pouch! If you don’t have a Vitamix I would invest in one and a decent food processor. Those 2 things are just the best to have and a Vitamix takes the place of so many other appliances. So I made wheatgrass juice, oh I haven’t had ANY since surgery and I so missed it. Been drinking it since a kid but I never made it at home. Never knew how easy it was in my Vitamix!


I am a chips and salsa kind of girl! I love crunchy and I LOVE chips. I crave those fuckers left and right, just as much as cake. Prior to surgery I would make flax seed crackers. Well I sure as hell am not fucking around with flaxseed any time soon now so I took the pulp from the juice I made. Juice can be anything to produce pulp to put in a dehydrator and make chips/crackers or even bread. Today’s combo that went into the Vitamix and later strained by a nut bag consists of Kale, Romaine lettuce, cucumber, pear, apple juice for a base (less than 1/4 cup) and a handful of spinach. After strained I put all the pulp in a food processor and added more kale and romaine. Then peeled an apple and tossed that in with a few cashews. I am playing around since I am not using flax seed/meal so I used coconut oil for a binder.


I always get annoyed by fitness people or anyone in general using artificial crap like protein mix, whey junk, etc. To get more protein. Have you ever tried spirulina? It has a higher protein count and is actually absorbed better in the body. You can put it in anything. Like this.

Avocado, Strawberry, Raw Honey and Almond Milk with as much Spirulina as you want.


Finished yummy smoothie, that is also good for you and not filled with JUNK. Junk that is most likely aggravating your pouchitis or bacteria overgrowth (2 separate things, not sure why people think it is the same)


So there you go. You can eat, drink and do more with fruits and veggies. I won’t give up fish and chicken or burgers for that matter but the body does need some of the good stuff. Try to have something like this daily with your regular diet. If you are gassy with something, just remember we can DRAIN THE SHIT OUT! Then try other things.


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