6/25/12 EGD Scope

So my scope was ok. Not a horrible soar throat and my Esophogitas has cleared up a lot with sublingual Previcid so looks like I will be on that for life. My 2 large polyps were scraped some more, if no severe dysplasia is present I will be in for a scope in about 3 months. My scopes went from 6 months to now every 3 months.  It was echoed once again Sulindac and Celebrex have poor studies for Duadenum polyps and inflammation, this part is hard to treat. IT is false hope. Anyway I am not dead yet! If I have sever dysplasia still in the flat part then I might have to discuss a “modified” whipple since I can’t have a full whipple. Again , nobody wants to do this. It is very risky for me and I could face a life of TPN, which means you basically die young. So good new and maybe not more bad news. See what pathology says in a week. Hopefully no whipple and I can just go about life!



I guess it is cool to live next door literally to Baylor where they have a GI research lab that is a huge one for FAP/LYNCH and rare GI cancers.

I have a new thing, very tiny hernia in my stomach area but that is normal for anyone who has had stomach surgery. Too small to even think twice about it and I can’t tell I have it anyway. I am in a horrible Bladder flare, damn IC! I hope it calms down so I can go get breakfast! The upper scopes are brutal on my pouch and bladder. The gas alone trapped in there makes walking home shitty.


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