Paintings and other things for Sale

Since I need to come up with about 2k this month to move and pay a mover, bills, insurance, etc. (finally getting out of this soul sucking apartment) I am selling the little things I have left to get closer to that amount. I This post is for the paintings I was auctioning before but didn’t sell these yet. Paypal is listed after each painting to pay but I can take every day credit card payments by phone if not a fan of paypal. Of Course I am also a Designer by trade. I charge 50 hourly for Freelance work. Logos, Menus, website (design only, I don’t develop, business cards, branding and identity, etc etc etc… portfolio and such here



There are 3 options. 100, 200 and 500. This is set up like a donation. Either amount it will sell.

Option 1 $100.00 USD
Option 2 $250.00 USD
Option 3 $500.00 USD


These guys are small but look good together. I never really wanted to part with them but

so be it!
Option 1 $300.00 USD
Option 2 $500.00 USD

Misc things for Sale. Kindle, Vibrams, TAD Gear, Ladies clothes/Shoes here:

Amazon Store with other items for sale


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