Barbie Butts and Abmats

So the Rogue abmat2 is great! I feel every bone crack in my back , in a good way. Thing is, I do my sit ups away from the wall, no weights, etc. I can do them fine, no issue with the abs, but my ass has some, since well… it has been sewn shut like barbie and it hurts. I need a mini donut or something down there. I tried to fold a towel, made it worse and then you are not aligned right if you are using the abmat. I just have rubber stall mats down now. I guess I could get a fold out cushion mat.

Just did 40 power snatches, 30 away from the wall sit ups (hurts my no rectum ass!) and 60 box jumps. Hope my valve doesn’t fuck up! Scared to work out since it keeps twisting. NO ER TRIPS THIS WEEKEND! Over it ;p

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