Don’t come around here no more


So my bad pain could be the gastritis that has gotten worse. Maybe all the stress is causing it to get worse and worse. This morning I had my upper GI scope done and wasn’t what I wanted. I was hoping I would be a once a year or even 5 a year scope kind of girl but WRONG. I am now on 6 month scope schedule.

I never had polyps or tumors in the upper GI tract just the colon/rectum.In 9 months I grew a few in the Duoden, the largest was 10mm. I am waiting for biopsies and starting previcid for the gastritis. That might be what is causing all the pain I have. I wasn’t this bad 9 months ago so I am told stress could be making it worse. doesn’t look pleasant in the images. All the polyps were removed and biopsied so see if those are pre cancer or cancer. I don’t want the whipple surgery at all so I hope this thing doesn’t get worse. They are concerned I grew one so big so quick when nothing was there to begin with.



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I had my pitty party then had Krispy Kreme.

How the fuck do you reduce stress? Not like I can not work forever with endless money! ughhh

I am sure there are typos I blame Propofol (best drug ever).

The IV I got for the fist time blew my vein out in my hand. It was horrible! My hand made this huge distorted tent and then blood flung on the wall and floor. It hurt pretty damn bad! I then had it in my arm and I much prefer the arm since the Propofol hurts less, sometimes it burns up the whole arm. I knew my scope was going to be bad after that shit happened.

Wikipedia: Propofol (INN, marketed as Diprivan by AstraZeneca) is a short-acting, intravenously administered hypnotic agent.


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