Say no to colon removal FAPulous people

I always said FUCK this disease and FUCK doctors with their one fucking response of “Remove your colon”.

Here is an article that is a study out of Russia on FAP. They basically “cured” FAP downstairs (rectum). They did a musectomy on the rectum and implanted fetal stem cells and basically regrew the epithelial cells (new mucosa). They followed the patients for 3 years and none developed a polyp nor had any signs of FAP in the rectum. Link:

This link made me cry, it made me cry I gave in and had surgery. It made me cry I went against how I felt about this surgery and I wish I never had it still to this day because more can be done than just taking out a fucking colon. So fuck you medicine world.

What I have been saying and asking all along. “Why are we in the fucking dark ages?” So stand up FAPulous people and demand more shit is done. If I can have a colon grown out of stem cells and then have this treatment done. I’d open my asshole personally with a knife.



2 thoughts on “Say no to colon removal FAPulous people

  1. Well- for god damned if this isn’t a big kick in the pants to invest more in stem cell research. I hate that medicine seems to be regressing and politicians bowing to pressure of religious sects. It breaks my heart the rate of progress in this field- stem cell has SO MANY possibilities to cure so much!
    If I believed in god- I would say- she gave us these brains to USE in science!

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