Still waiting for my barium xray to be scheduled but so far there is nothing wrong with me. Hopefully the barium will work through any kinks or adhesions and possibly open up a tightening in my small intestine. My blood work is fine and I swore my iron was low and would need an infusion again.I love how Baylor now emails you everything so you aren’t trying to chase down a doctor. I hope I don’t turn into a case that nobody can figure out what is wrong with me. That truly sucks. Also waiting to see if I will get my GI to call in a barium/contrast CT. Going on my 6th CT in like 1.5 years. Yay for radiation! sarcasm


The results of your recent tests are explained below:
Kidney Tests: Good -- no changes needed
Electrolytes: Good -- no changes needed
Liver Tests: Good -- no changes needed
DIABETIC TESTS: Blood Glucose (Sugar) Normal. No evidence of Diabetes
Hemoglobin A1C:
Average Glucose:
Blood Glucose: 80

Lipid Studies: Excellent
Total cholesterol: 154
Triglyceride Total: 79
LDL: 71
HDL: 67
Thyroid Function: Normal
Complete Blood Count:  Normal.

VITAMIN B12: Normal

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