Ostomies and YOUR carbon footprint

If you think about it. Plastic is destroying  the earth so why even get an ostomy? My tube that I use to intubate my BCIR lasts up to 6 months. That alone should be a reason to reverse. Ostomies are also just ancient medicine, I don’t care who argues that but more people need to get progressive so more idiot nurses and doctors know how to deal with continent ileostomies. GET WITH THE FUCKING TIMES PEOPLE! The internal pouch as been around since the fucking 70’s, yes THE 70’s!

Having my catheter hooked up to a drainage bag makes me realize that ostomies suck ass. Fuck having plastic stuck to your body. I rather wear my real intestines for a pouch.

Everyone says there are issues with internal ileos but let me tell you what. I have friends that are far worse than me that have jpouches and people with ostomy bags have just as many issues. There is no perfect surgery to have once the colon is removed. They all suck in the end… Nothing is as fabulous as the colon. At least I loved mine, it rocked.

So there is my soap box rant. Fuck ostomies. Oh and they STINK!


One thought on “Ostomies and YOUR carbon footprint

  1. I loves me Jpouch… no issues ever. Happy! And bathroom frequency- 4 times a day or so….now the damn desmoid in my gut- that causes some issue. Grrrr.
    Lucky to have some choice with FAP… something I had never heard of before 2003.

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