Slipped Valve

After a worthless trip to the ER last night with no help and people too afraid to stick a fucking foley in me. I left. Couldn’t intubate for over 10 hrs then amazingly got in and left. I was so backed up and thick the pockets of gas were embedded.

So went to a CIR surgeon who is with my former colorectal surgeon And he got my catheter in and hooked me up to mega bag! My valve is slipped and hopefully this will reset it. I have to wear this until Monday when I get my scope at 7 am. New surgeon I saw doesn’t think I have pouchitis, he heard the gas movement so to him it is small obstructions. Dr. Robert M. Jacobson, is a very knowledgeable surgeon here in Dallas. I ordered a leg bag because this is crazy huge. I can sling it over my shoulder! Lol I even slung it over my back and walked out of the building. Fuck it 😉


People wanted to see intubation or videos, here it is. Welcome to my world! Just a lot longer tube! Hope this leg bag I ordered gets here tomorrow since I have a Glock shoot to work. At least my worries of having to use the bathroom all weekend are resolved lol! SO glad I have left over pain meds because having this catheter in for 4+ days hurts like hell.

Ok 2 hour update. I dumped about 1100 ML (this bag is in ML?) in 1.5 hours. I also seem to have no pouch pain. Finally I can relax and eat food. All day I have been starving since I wasn’t able to drain and didn’t want to be to full at work.



4 thoughts on “Slipped Valve

  1. SO glad you feel better V.. would that be crazy, if all this frustration you have been dealing with, was such a little thing like simply enlarging the size of the bag a bit? …wow.. All we need to do now( if that is the case and your are schlepping the mack daddy version), is start a designer pouch bag biz…;-).. I am SO impressed with your warrior spirit, V.. Always sending mad love, and so much light to you sister beautiful.. you are my freaking HERO girl..
    xo c

  2. wow, my bad~ I sincerely ask that you pardon my ignorance.. I have been following you throughout this hell you are pushing on through & I THOUGHT that is what I understood?, and these pics that were posted confused me a sorry, the blonde in me tends to emerge sometimes….ALL I care about , is that YOU feel better chica.. xo

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