Baby, I have been around the world.

I am battling the worst pouchitis I have had to date. All antibiotics have stopped working. This is my private “hell”. How does one go on when sick? Music.. I had surgery to live my life since I was dying and music is my one true passion. So I present you with something to dance to and smile.

My Love


8 thoughts on “Baby, I have been around the world.

  1. Might I suggest Pepto Bismol tablets- sounds crazy- but someone gave me the tip and it stopped by pouchitis like magic. I had my BCIR! Jan 31st- and was having pouchitis every other week….knock on wood…since Thursday no burning inside pain!

  2. I should also state, that where it took the MAJOR pain that was happening…I am experincing gas gurgles and slight discomfort- but not the bent over pain I was having.

    • I will try them out! I just took my yeast infection pill in case this is yeast overgrowth. Thing sucks to have right now but I am trying to just get up and go to work every day, even tired as hell on antibiotics.

  3. The other thing I thought about to suggest…. I read last week on one of those BCIR forums- that a person used olive oil for lubrication on the intubation tube, when they were having pouchitis issues. I thought what the heck- olive oil works on many skin irrations.

    I was still feeling some discomfort when I intubated- since I started using the olive oil- I don’t feel anything now!!

  4. I was just given a bottle of Carafate to put in my pouch, think I spelled that right. One woman says she uses warm salt water. I can’t even get my tube in. Tried for an hour, stressed me out to the point I am not sure I can keep up with this pouch.

  5. Are you using the marlen kind with the curved tip applicator? Sometimes, when I am having issues- and it feels like something inside me is gripping tight, I close my eyes and take a couple of deep breaths- and it usually goes in after that. You are still having that test to see if your valve is f-ed up, right?

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