I like tubes

Well I guess I reduced waste by using tubes to shit instead of piles of toilet paper. If I was single I think the toilet paper roll would last a week  or more…

I am going to credit Xifaxan for this new progress. For the first time since I had surgery just over 4.5 months ago, it did not hurt to intubate. I know everyone says it doesn’t hurt to intubate with no nerve endings in the small intestine/stoma but mine hurts. It hurts usually every time I stick my tube in. Either the stoma, valve and pouch hurt. I just intubated/irrigated for the night and I didn’t even feel the fucker go in. At first It thought my stoma just closed up since I didn’t feel the tip of it even enter and though that it was stuck then it went in and still felt nothing. Maybe it is pouchitis related after all, all the pain I had. I cut the inside of my stoma with a catheter that kinked and bled for a bit and it was just irritated over and over again since well I can’t avoid using my stoma. That as well didn’t hurt. See how the weekend goes…


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