Complicated Case

My GI, who rocks, called me tonight. She told me about an internal medicine MD that she works closely with and sends all her Chrons and UC patients to. Sine I am such a complicated case I keep going through Internal MDs like water. Nobody has patience or takes me seriously. Best one I had thought my surgery wasn’t that big of a deal to still be on pain meds 2 months post op. What a douche. Some doctors should not be in business.

Xiafican (sp) has been helping since I went on it 2 days ago. World of difference like the other meds were so hopefully this will buy me another month of good days. I have to beat this damn disease, pouch and pouchitis. So I ate a cookie (got to take advantage of not being able to gain weight) at Central Market while buying all healthy things like quality liquid Norwegian fish oil, Vega sports drink electrolyte mix and Wheat grass. Some how my wheat grass didn’t make the bag. BOOOOO! I am a sicko I know, I love wheat grass with a sickness! I tried this new NUUN brand and it is definitely better tasting than the previous standard NUUN I tried but the orange Vitalyte is still be far the best. I need to get more electrolytes in or who knows when I will make it back to Crossift. My leg cramps now are just bad and my leg pain is pretty high in general with this stupid disease causing my muscles to once again not relax.

Been working on some branding for restaurants and it is some of the most fun I have had designing in awhile. It is nice to not deal with idiot Creative Directors or senior ADs that think they are amazing when nobody really usually gets how they land the jobs they do. I have been an AD/CD for many years now and I would never have the attitude most do.

I am addicted to the biggest loser now that Bob Harper rocks life as RX socks and rogue fitness must now be a sponsor. They should have a whole show on people with disabilities or ostomies, cancer survivors. I would like to see a tailored show to people who have electrolyte imbalances and legs that cramp, no colons, etc. That would be neat.


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