If my pouch can make it here, it can make it anywhere!



So I took a contract job in NYC. Ends tomorrow but it is nice to know I can work if I have to. I only had one real flare or pouch issue and that was from eating grilled cheese and drinking iced tea. Otherwise I am ok. I am sticking to one a day Flagyl and alternate it with VSL #3 (medical grade probiotic. So they say you can’t drink on Flagyl or you will violently throw up. I tested this with a glass of wine at the Beirgarden at the Standard in NYC. Check out the view from the 18th floor! Felt very Mad Men…




I am booked to fly back to Dallas on my downtime unless something happens and I extend my stay. Good cheap options for hostels and such so that is good to know when I return. I haven’t commited to an apartment yet since I still have my loft in Dallas and we are so broke and drowning  in debt I am trying to play catch up. Hopefully another job happens and is full time. This freelance bouncing around I am really over with.


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