Leave your religion at the front door

Neil deGrasse Tyson: Doctors

It always amazes me how god is forced down your throat when you are sick. It is as if people see a moment of weakness and try to get you in on the cult. I once had some texan jack ass tell me that an Atheist can not fight cancer without god. Now, I for one think that is the most ridiculous thing someone could say to a cancer patient. Funny, last time I checked I am still here and I credit myself and the surgeon that cut it out. There is no life/death sentence some “man in the sky” created for me.

So in short.. Neil has summed up this all in a very intelligent way.



This is also not up for debate. I am over debating religion with people. I don’t want to hear it so don’t bother posting about it unless you have the same point of view. It is a long tired argument and has no place here on my blog.


5 thoughts on “Leave your religion at the front door

  1. Sister V, I couldn’t agree more.. I just finished “The God Delusion”.. it has taken me almost 48 years to actually be fully awakened. All the while I considered myself “Spiritual”, but in essence, that term for me now, basically means I respect others OPINIONS of their own “Spirituality”.. I feel more grounded than ever before, and feel like the coin has finally dropped for me.. I am a firm believer in energy, nature, and genuine kindness. I believe that we should treat each other with respect, and i also believe in gratitude for the moment. I feel excited to be able to explore my newly defined existence. AWESOME to know like minded people like yourself are out there.. MUCH love , light and health to you always chica.. Namaste~

  2. What chaps my hide is MEDICAL chat boards- where people are discussing treatments and scans and vitamins or whatever- go on and say- It’s in His hands now. Pray for my 2nd cousin. Or I draw my strength from Jesus.
    That’s fine for you sheep- keep the God talk outta here… that’s what you can use your church for. Not a scientific, medical discussion board. Oh, praise Satan, I swear.

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