I am not a ribbon

I guess there are 2 types of cancer patients out there. Ones that wear the rubber wrist bands and define their cancer with a color ribbon then there are those that don’t. I understand people wanting to educate others about their cancer or a loved one’s cancer. But I am not a fucking ribbon. I do not identify with the colors. Cancer is fucking cancer and guess what? It sucks! Nobody has a more important cancer and I am sure there are many cancers that aren’t common enough to even own a color. How is that for an insult to someone who is most likely more annoyed by it all than myself.


The wear pink crap always drives me nuts. We are well aware of breast cancer. Funny how you mention colon cancer and people think you are full of shit or feel uncomfortable because you are basically talking about your shit hole. I had one of my cancer shirts on and it is amazing how many idiots are out there and what type of questions they ask. It is the people like that that make me want to slap them with the back of my hand and ask WTF?! One guy did not take me seriously when he asked about my shirt, he also asked if my shirt was a joke. Perhaps he didn’t think to read the design, perhaps he was to busy just being a douche bag with an IQ of -100. Think before you say stupid shit people, seriously!


Colon cancer is the #2 killer out there and it can happen to anyone. FAP might be rare or so they say but anyone can get cancer of any kind. I don’t need a ribbon, I don’t need my family to rock a blue ribbon either. I rather people also not use the word FAP to talk about jerking off. It is a pretty sad thing to even throw around on twitter when the disease kills. Almost as bad as some jack ass saying “double tap” when they have no clue what that means. So this is my weekend rant. I will make some new shirts this week to basically follow all this being said in this entry. I might be cancer free, for now… I just get so damn annoyed with the general public sometimes.

I’m a polyp farmer, motherfucker!

(got to say it with like the movie 😉


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