Hello Flagyl. Come around here often?

So when I don’t blog a lot you can guess I am usually out in the world trying to enjoy life or being lazy 😉 Flagyl has helped a lot with the pouchitis. I am not cured or fixed, whatever you want to call it, but good. A big significant difference from Cipro. Cipro only works for about 3 days I believe then it is totally down hill with how bad my symptoms get. I hope after the next 2 months my body will be done with antibiotics since usually us patients with FAP don’t have issues with pouchitis, that is usually a UC thing but who the fuck knows anymore about anything. 


Was able to power clean 65 pounds. Funny how lifting now doesn’t seem that hard as before surgery when I was sick I had problems cleaning a lousy 90 pound bar. Hopefully as the months go on I will get back up there. Still taking it easy, I only go in once a week to the gym, about all I can do financially. Many things still hurt so I just don’t do them, not trying to be some “hero”. Pull ups I can do maybe 3 banded and I am done. Handstand pushups I can semi do. I can hold myself up there but that is about it and regular pushups, hell no. That just feels awful. It isn’t my pouch that suffers since that is all good healing wise it is the upper abs where the incision starts under my breast line. To much pulling. So I know when a normal pain is ok and when a bad pain is not and stop. This is not my first rodeo, have had plenty of surgeries that I have no guess work anymore.

Hydration is my main issue. Not so much when I am not on Flagly though. I actually don’t have a hydration issue when I am not on it. It makes me more dehydrated so I am sucking down water and coconut water like there is no tomorrow. So my main WODs I don’t always complete if there is a lot of cardio like rowing or running. I need a camelback strapped to me with the tube in my mouth the whole time it feels like. I am tempted to do this for the summer time with my mini pack. I also need to get more protein in, I eat very little now and have a small appetite. Perhaps it is the Flagly or it is my brain forcing me not to eat since when my pouch is too full my bladder can’t take the pressure. Got to love motherfucking Interstitial Cystitis. One day I will save the money again to have the stem cells done. Maybe that is the answer to this, the final straw to make everything work and not live with pain, chronic discomfort and just a better quality of life.


So yes back to food. I need more fuel so that is on my list to do this week. That and stay hydrated, especially since it is warmer and when the weather is warmer I start to see stars. So blood sugar and fluid intake is a bitch.


2 thoughts on “Hello Flagyl. Come around here often?

  1. Hi Vanessa
    So if i’ve read right you have FAP and pouchitis? I too have FAP, now a J pouch due to a cancer polyp in my rectum and was told FAP’ers dont get pouchitis? Just wanting your take…cheers. Also how long have you had your j pouch for now? thanks

  2. We think it is pouchitis since I respond to antibiotics. I do not have a jpouch I have a BCIR. My friend has a jpouch and she too has FAP and pouchitis. It can happen to anyone it is just not common to have it long term if you have FAP so I have studies on my side at least! I have had my BCIR for 4 months as of the 9th of April.

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