So I haven’t been updating since being here in NYC . Been a roller coaster and pretty hard at times. Haven’t been hydrated good enough at times since pissing in nYc is a bitch. I have to plan my days carefully around eating, drinking, draining and pissing. The days my bcir is good are days my bladder is irritated. It is a bitch I tell ya. Makes me wonder if I should just pack it up tomorrow and go back to Dallas where my car and amazing loft is but zilch for fucking jobs.

The limbo is the stressful part. Stay or go. I could write more but no internet where I am staying and pecking away on the iphone is a pain in the ass.

One thing I will never do is irrigate with NyC tap water. Few days of using bottled water and some antibiotics (Omnicef) seemed to clear up some inflammation/pouchitis up. Actually been off all meds for about 3 days. I take Bentyl only if spasms happen and 5mg at the most since 10mg makes me way to loopy. I went off the gabepenton (sp) as well but maybe try to go back on. Past week has been so up and down i am not sure what helps.

So I was told if output is to thick to use some milk of magnesia. Well let me tell you it cleans you out that is for sure but doesn’t smell like roses and I usually have no smell so it’s gross. Ugh

As long as you don’t substitute it for proper hydration. So today I had chicken salad and avocado with close to nothing to drink while walking all over Manhattan. Last time I do that shit. I need my kitchen and organic meats.

I went to Crossfit here at CF South Brooklyn and a trainer told me about Biercraft and there is a Paleo option on the board since a CFer runs the joint. Pretty excited I did an open WOD and got my push press up to 53 pounds. I know it isn’t my usual weight but felt good to clean and press something over 30 pounds to prevent hernia. I am not even messing with box jumps, running or deadlifts for another month or two. Push ups even hurt still so no burpees for this chick sadly 😦 Miss burpees.

I think Crossfit works for me because the workouts are short so my bladder or pouch can behave if under 30 minutes. If the WOD is short and intense I can try to ignore that my bladder feels like it might fall out.

Someone asked me what I am going to do with my chronic pain. All I can say is i wake up every day hoping it will be gone. What else can I do? Hopeful even though it’s not really reality.


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