Chronic pain can really get you down. You can’t escape your own body even if you want to rip your insides out. Bladder pain is awful and haunts me daily. You have that hope that maybe the next day you will be magically cured. Well I am stubborn and so done with medicine. I just can’t take ANOTHER pill. So my pouchitis is gone and has been I think for over a week or 2. I was on Cipro for a UTI. I some how lucked out with bacteria/yeast infection and a UTI. But got this all under control. I never got infections from taking antibiotics before but I am off them for now. I am packing them all with me to go to NYC this week. This trip scares me so I went back on Gabapentin since I have not been on it since I had my BCIR. What was I thinking? Why did I wait so long to go back on it?! The way it blocks pain is a lifesaver. I am greatly reduced with my pouch/surgery pain so I will continue to suck down 300 mg a day. 


Johnny Cash does an amazing cover of Trent Reznor’s Hurt. It gives me goose bumps I can so relate


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