7 hours Intubation

So I am at a 7 hour intubation and doing ok. I am now on Bentyl, that little blue pill is a life savor for gas. I am on a new antibiotic too that seems to helping the pouchitis I have. Common to have the first few months since the small intestine isn’t used to doing the job of a colon.

I was really hoping I could go back to work. FInances are very hard and couldn’t pay the rent on the 1st since the GI bill is messed up for my husband and the BAH/Living expenses. 10 dollars a day for late rent is just stressful. How do people live and survive with no benefits of disability ? this country needs to help people out more, shit. Even if it is just 6 months of short term disability if you don’t have the option from a job or were unemployed or self-employed when getting cancer. 

So I hope by Tues a miracle happens and we can pay it so I don’t stress out over that and all the medical bills and utility bills piling up. Life has to get easier sometime. Where is the break? 

I met with my new GI specialist. She is pretty cool and my age! I always like the younger doctors, they are more with the times and more open to things like pouches.


I plan on going to NY since I was invited for a vacation but not sure since sky miles are out of the question for the ticket, not racked up enough yet. See what happens in in the next few weeks. 


That is about it for now. Just trying to live the life I have and was given a 2nd chance at. 


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