Checking in!

Oh I am being so lazy with this blog but I blame that on the great guys that got me a kindle fire. Between that and my iphone blogging just sucks pecking away at keys.

Heading to Florida. Having my pouch scoped to make sure things are ok and visiting family. I am doing ok though. Still have pain but not as bad but enough to still be on Oxy. Better though and at the 5 hr intubation mark life is easier.

No more sugar free candy for this chick! OMG that ingredient gave me the runs and awful gas when I had a colon so thought I’d try it now. My pouch pissed that stuff out and the gas build up sucked! Couldn’t make 5 hours, more like 3.5 due to that.

Will write a proper update from Miami this week!


2 thoughts on “Checking in!

  1. HI Vanessa,

    My name is Wendy and I’m the proud new owner of a k-pouch. I had my surgery on 25th Nov 2011, in Sydney, Australia.It has only been a week since my indwelling catheter was removed (23 Jan). So far so good, I think. This surgery hasn’t been performed in Australia for about 30 years so I haven’t found any support here. I am finally getting around to looking for support via the internet.

    I’ve had 2 J-pouches in the past that never worked properly so I finally decided my only choice was a permanent Ileostomy. I went to my surgeon about 2 1/2 years ago and we discussed k-pouches than but nothing happened because he had never performed that type of surgery so nothing ever came of it. Having decided I couldn’t put up with the pain any longer I went to see him In October last year to book in for end Ileostomy. A new research hospital had just opened in Sydney where he could practice the k-pouch procedure. So here I am with the first k-pouch to have been done here in many years.

    It is still early days and I am aware of all the things that can go wrong. I am a very positive person so I am not thinking negative.

    Hope to here from you.

    Regards Wendy

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