Week3. Look at my belly!


My tummy at 3 weeks post op. My incision is rockstar! Almost better than a plastic surgeon. For now I wear the bandage since I intubate so often. After weeks go by and it is less intubating I won’t need to wear one or if I do, just use a large bandaid.

The drive from Florida back to Dallas was very rough and I would not recommend anyone to drive more than 6 hours unless you can lay down and NOT SIT. Very bad idea but I couldn’t lay down in the moving truck. Feels nice to have my things finally out of storage. Other than that, last night was very rough, I tried to irrigate like you have to at night and it was just sludge. It took me 3 hours to clear it out so a lot of liquids and no starch that is for sure. I seem to like the longer bendier catheter they gave me to try it has a slick feel to it, stool moves through it faster and goes in with less pain if you want to call it pain, or pressure, whatever it is.

I shall take photos later of the tools of the trade.


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