Raining time

I am from Florida, I grew up with the beautiful thunder storms we’d get. Dallas is not a real fun thunder storm kind of spot. Today here in St Petersburg, Fl a small cold front is coming through so it is pouring. It is so soothing. My room is right on top of a roof of some other part of the building so I see the rain dance off of it and the sound of it hitting makes me feel right at home. The weather has been beautiful here 75 mainly during the day. Best time to have the BCIR surgery that is for sure. The summers are to brutal.

Today my horrible Gastric Tube aka The Gtube aka My arch enemy! Came out. The Gtube is connected to a balloon that holds 4cc of water in your stomach so it keeps the tube in place. What makes it painful is the stomach thinks the balloon is a piece of food and tries to eat it so you have spasms. Usually that catheter is hooked up to suction and drains into a container same things really as the foley in the BCIR. You can’t eat or drink for one hour before they take it out and one hour after it comes out. So with my waffles and grape juice not touched yet I turned to my nurse when I woke up and she happened to be in there to irrigate and said “Get this tube out of me now, please”. My skin was very irritated where the tube was and the stitch that held it in so that was the worst part, just cleaning that up and cutting the stitch off. The tube coming out real fast was not much different that the pain I was already in, it was just a second of moving pain and WOOOOHOOOO I am free of drains minus one and that is my foley in my pouch that comes out tomorrow when I start self intubating.

Dilaudid is several times more effective than morphine

My PCA, that button you hit every 15 minutes that usually releases Morphine, releases Dilaudid for me. Dilaudid is several times more effective than morphine. At first I thought it was a joke, I had pain with that and the shots of Demerol. Then I finally got off the Demerol shots and moved onto Percocet since you can go through with drawl easily, have to ween off the drugs slowly so you can be discharged on a prescription that works. My PCA was switched to every 20 minutes and I now sport another opiate drug pain patch, starts with a F.Today I am going to stop on my own the PCA, I used it once today so I want to try to get rid of that and focus on the milligrams of percocet I might need to get me by the rest of the time I still have pain.

I also get to shower Friday when I am discharged here!!! I haven’t showered since the day I had surgery, December 9th. They have a sink here that I used every 3 days that has the faucet extension to wash hair so that helps. I shave my legs in bed and wash up as well with the bath wipes you microwave. AWESOME! I think I will stock up on those in case a natural disaster happens. They really do keep you clean and smelling wonderful. I would wipe my legs down with the disposable bath cloth and shave my legs over towels in bed then sprinkle some water on my legs to cool them down from the razor and wipe them down with a new bath sheet/towel. Good to go! So you manage here and being able to wash your laundry is also a plus. Stay clean but nothing is better than a REAL shower. The one thing I would not recommend is that cap you put on your head that washes your hair, the dry shampoo. Since it gets wet by rubbing the hair in the cap, it is nice and all but when you sleep at night and our hair rubs all over your pillow it reactivates it so my hair was gross and wet. Once and last time I do that.

My husband flies in tomorrow night. I have missed him terribly. Since this is a guest suite my mom has stayed with me. We got to bond and work out our issues and spend time like we haven’t been able to since I was a child.


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