Cleaning the central line

Everything is awake, all systems are a go! The reason they are happy here when I had the gas, that told them it works. Well my gas is way better, for awhile I was temoted to rip the pouch out, got so took over with emotions, the pain was excruciating and I can’t even begin to explain how it really feels unless you have a pouch. I eat more and it has helped with the gas, the gas I get now is small, doesn’t hurt just feels like I have bad period cramps or bloating. Man I wish I could eat veggies or a salad. I am so burned out on dried up hospital meat. ugh

I am out of here Friday so few more days then I can finally shower and feel like a human being again Smiler My penrose drain comes out tomorrow and my terribly painful gastric tube is out Tues but i am going to beg for tomorrow to come out.

Had my central line cleaned up and rebandaged so share a photo from that moment.
central line cleaning


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