One drain clamped and one removed. Caviar?

3 drains to go and one IV line is connected to my central line now. I am now eating, small portions since the gastric tube, even clamped and not on suction causes spasms in my upper abs so eating is a pain. My tastebuds are a bit off too with some things. I remember this happened to me in a different way when I had my stomach operated on. I became a super taster, I could taste every ingredient in something, if it was going bad, etc. I looked into caviar testing back then since it just made sense.

So my stomach gastric tube was clamped yesterday, if I became sick or throwing up after eating then I was told I would be hooked back up. So far, so good. I never really had a problem with nausea anyway unless I over ate with my sleeve or it was something I should not be eating. I have about 6 more days until the penrose drain comes out then the gastric one will come out and last the catheter in my pouch, I will then begin to self intubate. 9 days and I am released. Today my drain from my rectum removal came out, was no longer draining. Very glad it did the thing was starting to really hurt. Nothing like a jp drain right between your butt crack.

Finally I had a feeling my foley catheter caused a UTI, us ICers tend to get them after a catheter has been inserted. So I got the test and it shows a mild UTI so I will go on 5 days of antibiotics to clear that up. At least I am off TPN as of last night. I was becoming pretty tired getting up every hour to empty a very filled bladder. Between that and the saline how do you not pee every hour? Nuts! We shall see if I sleep better tonight.


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