One Week Post Op

Today I am one week post op! Man the first 3 days I honestly do not remember due to pain and meds. I would forget everything. Total blur. Now I am letting the days drag by, following my calender. Been on TPN since  surgery so nothing to eat or drink in a week as well. I would kill for apple juice right now.


My gas pain is insane! It hasn’t moved from my gut to my pouch so it is just stuck, it is horrific and nothing can be done about it until I eat, maybe then it will help move things around. Not having a colon is a challenge but I tell ya what… It Is NICE not having to even think about taking a shit lol I wonder what it will be like not having a gallbladder. Didn’t expect to lose it in surgery, I knew it had to come out a few years ago but just didn’t mention it.

I have 5 tubes left. It is a bit challenging to make them all dance together and not almost fall on your face if they decided not to and you just get frustrated and imagining ripping your central line out and the 3 larger tubes in your abdomen. The bladder distention helped once again. I can pee a lot though right now due to the TPN and IV being in. I am planning a cupcake attack, the one nurse who has helped me out to much, during my melt downs, explaining shit, etc. Loves them so I think those will be purchased next week for the cool kids at the Palms. Yes all kids. Sort of weird to have a 22 year old chick bandage your ass.

I am CANCER free though. Can’ recall if I posted that yet on here or not. like I said, my memory is real hit or miss this week.

I look forward to visits next week!!!!! I am so bored and need more drop ins, even if I look like hell 😉


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