There is no I in Cancer.

First off my lymphnodes were clean so I was just a stage one cancer. YAY I get to spend some beautiful times with my BCIR pouch instead of chemo and radiation treatments that could ruin the thing. I am still only sucking on ice chips basically, no water or juice, food, etc. yet. The minute I eat one though my stomach is in knots full of gas. The gas is unbelievable! Not like I can fart it out anymore but as my new insides and stomach get adjusted I will have to live with some painful gas until they are good to go then i just intibuate to poop/fart when needed.

The main concern of mine going into surgery and thinking of the future of living with a pouch, was my bladder. This crap ass Interstitial Cystitiis I have and if removing my colon would make my bladder worse OR better. It can only go one way my Urologist said.

Catheters in general ruin my bladder. Last time I got one I was put on Gabepenton after to help with the stabbing pain that was in my urethra from the nightmare of a 2 time insertion. I went over all of this back and forth in my head. Do I have surgery and risk a life, even if facing cancer, with a bladder that is so painful to live with every day I want to jump off a bridge or at least think of something more peaceful.
If was bad enough as is.

So I had surgery and thought this HAS to help my bladder. It just has to. My urologist that would be in the OR placing the usual stents that are put in during surgery asked if I wanted a hydro distention done so of course I said yes since I would have a foley catheter. It just made sense. If urinating is what hurts so bad (like childbirth) after a hydro then if given a foley where you don’t have to pee then that is a big score in my book and it was PERFECT! I only had some irritation from the foley one night and that went away after I took my dose of Demerol. Today my foley came out and that didn’t even hurt, actually couldn’t tell she pulled the thing out, and I was able to pee 2 hours later. Have no urgency so far. Maybe my IC will be better.

For now I must go since my pain meds are kicking in ad I hope this makes sense as is! lol I found these below. Good laugh.

Before surgery
Friend: “don’t worry, they can take the a$$hole out of an a$$, but they can’t take the a$$ out of an a$$hole”.

After surgery
Friend: “you are living proof that having your a$$hole surgically removed won’t change your personality”.


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