Post Op Day 5 BCIR surgery photo

You can see my pouch tube at the bottom and the gastric tube up top left.

That gas I am getting is killing me! Taking gas pills but since everything now woke up I have a bit more pain,. Stool is now being produced so that is a good thing. Here is a quick photo. I think my tummy tuck incision on the bottom helped. My vertical incision is very small. Not sure if I mentioned my galbladder was removed as well in an earlier post. Horrible memory problems on 2 pain killers.



4 thoughts on “Post Op Day 5 BCIR surgery photo

  1. hi vanessa, i am pretty sure i am getting the bcir,i watched your utube videos and read your entries on this site.i hope you make a you tube update video i know you have not been feeling well ,probally cause of the FP. it looks likeyou did not have any staples in your big verticle incision,is this so? did you have steri strips? any updates you can giveon the pouch would be soo greatly apreciated

    • My pouch is fine I just have a lifetime of bacteria overgrowth due to my stomach surgery. I wish I had a colon personally still so it is hard for me to comment on the pouch but I did not want an ileostomy so this was really my only option so I guess in that sense it is good.

      I had no staples or steri strips just sewed up.

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