December 13, 2011 Day 4 Post Op BCIR surgery

It is very hard to read or hell even listen to anything and remember it. Writing was a joke. It was the hardest shit to do. I should put a disclaimer on what I write from now on. This surgery is hard and I had some pretty rough moments. Last night was one of the worst yet. I almost ripped my urine catheter out since I felt like I wasn’t peeing and I was going nuts. Then the sound of the machines were intensifying. I am not sure if the blood transfusion I got had anything to do with it or not. I look forward to a week from now, I can have clear liquids. So far no water or anything but ice chips. 6 days without food, and ok. I got hungry for a minute yesterday but once they flushed my gastric tube I realized that was just my stomach not hunger. My BCIR/pouch tube isn’t producing just blood or pink liquids coming out but stool I get to watch streams of my poop going away. SO my system is officially awake, thing that sucks about that is the extreme pain of gas that is not easy to get rid of.

I got some BEAUTIFUL plants and flowers from my good friend Cori who has been so awesome to me since I got this diagnoses. So here they are, I hope they last since I don’t have the best sunshine that comes in here. Might have to bring them to a friend’s room that gets good light.

Speaking of my new poop-tube friend, Stephanie. Stephanie has had a rough road from this surgery. Her lung colapsed twice due to a fucked up central line that was placed but now he is doing much better.



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