Friends, so many of us have them

You come to realize who your friends are when you are sick, or some crazy shit like FAP happens. I also realized some of my newer friends are turning out to be better friends than ones I have had for years, or thought I had. Perhaps it is fear that they too will one day have cancer or they just don’t want to hear about it since it might mess up their “so called” pefect lives they are living at the moment. Or they were never “friends” to begin with. All in all I just can’t be bothered and can fire who I want, right? Right.

I have made better online friends than I have with the ones in person. Why is that? Is it easier to just do everything digital these days? Interesting to think about. But in the end there are good people out there and there are shit people. Lately I am finding the good ones in the basket 😉


One thought on “Friends, so many of us have them

  1. Hi 🙂
    My name is Sophie. I just want to say thank you for your posts about you condition. I’m sorry that you are going through this too. I was diagnosed with FAP. My symptoms began at the age of 11. I had a total colectomy at 18, got the APC gene and I’m the only one in my family with it.. Aren’t We very lucky…….. 5 desmoides in my abdomen, one of them is squashing my bladder and is 12cm. I’m on chemo, and I’m realising not just close friends but also close cousins, relatives, you name it, just let me down even parents. I was in hospital for 2 week a because I couldn’t eat anymore, for sickness, and terrible pain because of the tumors and not one soul contacted me to see how I was. I’m from London but I moved Italy to be with my boyfriend and his Mum, and they are amazing.. But no one from the UK battered an eye lid for me. I just hope that you will be fine and you are not alone. Keep fighting! And keep writing! A hug..

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